Having owned dogs ranging in size, personality and confidence I know that your dog needs to be treated as the individual they are.

Group Walks

Ideal for outgoing dogs who want to socialise and play safely…

  • Most of these walks are off lead where appropriate and safe to do so
  • Long lines are used until I am comfortable with your dog’s recall
  • There are frequent stops on these walks as dogs like to sniff and explore their surroundings

Individual Walks

Ideal for a variety of reasons such as…

  • Very young or older dogs
  • Those that prefer their own company or reactive/fearful dogs
  • Working on training skills like confidence with traffic
  • If your dog is recovering from injury / surgery or on restricted exercise

Pop In Visits

Available in differing time slots to suit your dogs needs, during these visits I can…

  •  Ensure your dog has fresh water
  •  Give any food or treats that are required
  •  Give medication that has been prescribed such as eye drops
  •  Give your dog a short walk near your home to stretch their legs
  •  Play some puzzle games to give their minds a work out
  •  Work on maintaining training that you have set and started such as down stays

Training Maintenance Support

If you are struggling to fit training around your busy life style then these visits can be used to

  • Support you with following a training programme that has been set by a trainer or by yourself
  • Attend training lessons in your absence either as a one or for a whole series of lessons
  • Visit different places with your dog so they can experience and grow comfortable with different environments
  • Work on specific issues like recall around distractions